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Programmer, Web Developer, Photographer, Drone Pilot, Bearded Man - Aerial, Swimwear, Travel, XXX - Exclusv.Life Admin #teamExclusvLife
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Programmer, Web Developer, Photographer, Drone Pilot, Bearded Man - Aerial, Swimwear, Travel, XXX - Exclusv.Life Admin #teamExclusvLife

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It has taken a little while for this to sink in, but today as I get to the messages, notifications and emails of people who want to interview me or work with me, I realise I have won Best Adult Webmaster / Developer in the 2022 Australian Adult Industry Awards.

Years of working online, with amazing people from the adult industry has taught me a lot but the thing that comes to mind at this moment is, ‘Everyone deserves a safe, respectful, and professional environment no matter what work they do’.

I would like to thank Maxine Fensom and the team at the Australian Adult Industry Awards, everyone who nominated and voted for me, and my friends, and family for supporting me on this journey.

Bring on the future!
  • @BonnieTonic 1 year ago
    You have changed my life! Having your Australian Owned Platform available to myself and my friends is a game changer! I feel heard and valued for my mind.
    I always feel 100% Respected and Safe around you!
    Can't wait till the end of the month! Excited!
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  • @littledaisykitten 1 year ago
    Congratulations ❤️
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Voting is well underway and if you didn't already know, I have been nominated for Best Web Master / Developer in the 2022 Australian Adult Industry Awards 2022 (AAIA).

Link to vote in bio.

#adultindustry #awards #AAIA #zakozbourne #webdeveloper

Videos of Planes trying to take off in Brisbane Floodwaters
I am super excited to announce that Exclusv.Life has been nominated for this years Australian Adult Industry Awards for Best Adult Website. Thank you to all who nominated - I am honoured. Our aim has always been to support the adult industry and its creators. Thank you for your support!

Zak Ozbourne is this week’s guest on Adult Site Broker Talk.

Zak is a programmer, web developer and photographer in Northern Australia who has been working in the Adult Industry for over 10 years. He was shooting for an adult website in Australia, then he created his own adult website and finally started supporting content creators who were struggling with monetizing their social media, which is where Exclusv.Life was born.

Listen to the Podcast here

I have been doing some 8bit art recently!