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Exclusive Life
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Features Exclusive Life OnlyFans
One Account
Revenue Streams Exclusv Life OnlyFans
Subscriber Only Posts
Pay to Unlock Posts
Premium Snapchat Subscriptions
Content Management Exclusv Life OnlyFans
Scheduled Posts
Custom Subscription Options
Trial Periods
Promo Codes
Direct Messaging
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Content Privacy Exclusv Life OnlyFans
Free to View Posts
Subscriber Only Posts
Pay to Unlock per Post
Snapchat Exclusv Life OnlyFans
Premium Subscriptions
Membership Management
Teaser Images
External Links Exclusv Life OnlyFans
Link Manager
Dedicated Exclusv.Link Page
Payouts Exclusv Life OnlyFans
Fast Payouts
Daily Payouts
Community Driven Exclusv Life OnlyFans
Discord Server for Creators
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How it works

You create the content - We handle the business

  • Promote your profile

    Promote your Exclusv.Life profile through Social Media to your already established fanbase.

  • Convert your Fans to Members

    Convert your 18+ Fans to paying members though our very secure and well-recognized credit card processing system. We accept all major credit cards.

  • Enjoy Rebills

    Exclusv.Life offers automatic re-billing of members each week, month or year so you can expect a constant, steady income.

  • Increase your productivity

    Create a stunning profile with our user-friendly platform. Automate your posts and Social Media announcements giving you time to see more of the world.

  • You choose what you upload

    Publish Single Pictures, Full Galleries, Videos, Erotic Literature, or Personal Diary Entries. Posts can be a combination of media, we support text, images, videos and audio. We won't judge how you make your content, what content you make or who your content is for.

  • It's time to get paid!

    Do what you love and be supported by your fans directly. You set your pricing - Earn from 80% net profit with no hidden fees! Free, No Minimum, On-Demand Payouts using a secure, internationally recognized, Adult-Friendly, payout provider with 24-hour support. No need to hide what you do or use greedy, tricky cash transfer apps.

Why Exclusv.Life?

What Exclusv.Life offers you

  • Premium Snapchat

    Turn your Snapchat and other social media apps into an exclusive revenue stream.

  • Multiple Income Streams

    Subscriptions, Exclusive Posts, Premium Snapchats and Tip Jars are just some of the ways to monetize your fans.

  • On-time Payments

    Get paid when you want with our On-Demand Payout option.

  • Ready-to-go

    Our quick and easy verification system allows you to start making sales quicker.

  • Simple Workflow

    We make sure you can keep making magic by streamlining your experience.

  • Creator Driven

    We are focused on adding useful features for creators without going overboard.

  • Tips and Tricks

    How-to guides and tips and tricks are written by Creators for Creators to maximize sales.

  • Know the Rules

    Our Clear, well-documented Community Guidelines let you know exactly what you can and can't post.

  • Free SWAG

    Creators receive Free Exclusv.Life Shirts, Stickers, Bags and other stuff just for being a part of the community.

Exclusv.Life works really well for me, I can create and upload content from the comfort of my own home! I love being able to get all creative and not have to go out of my way to create it. It’s such a good feeling to be financially independent and be able to travel as much as I do just through Exclusv.Life

Olivia Otago
Content Creator

Want a sneak peek?

Our web and mobile interfaces have been designed to be easy-to-use and load ultra-fast!

Keep your fans engaged

Our user-friendly mobile interface will keep your fans coming back for more!

Want more?

We have even more features

  • Safe Payment Gateway

    A Safe payment gateway designed for digital, online content, no chance of your account being locked.

  • Notification System

    Get a notification as soon as you make a sale so you can keep on top of who has access to your content.

  • Creators Dashboard

    Full access to member and transaction information, know how much you are earning.

  • Creators Profile

    Full control over your Profile Page with customizable content such as a Header Image, Profile Text, and Social Media Links.

  • BYO Domain

    Bring your own Domain or set up a Vanity Address on our servers.

  • Zero Startup Cost

    Get started with your own profile and exclusive content without spending a cent.

  • Gain Exposure

    Access to a large, established network of promotions and social media accounts.

  • Customizable Timeline

    Upload your exclusive content to your secure profile and set the member access level.

  • Help When You Need It

    Support from other creators and our dedicated team. We are all happy to help.

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