Exclusv.Life Creator Spotlight

This July, We interviewed creator Olivia Otago.

Hey guys! My name is Olivia Otago and I’m currently based in the UK, I am absolutely so excited about being a part of Exclusv.Life ❤️

Life has been turned upside down for me since lockdown has been very strict on this side of the planet so I’ve been focusing on creating more sexy content and expressing myself creatively. On a day to day basis normally you can find me behind my desk in a classroom sporting my reading glasses teaching theology!

What’s your favorite sleeping position?

"My favorite sleeping position has to be the fetal position 💤"

What’s your go-to guilty pleasure?

"I have always been intrigued by the notion of guilty pleasure. I have pleasures I indulge in (some more frequently than others) but I have never felt anything approximating guilt over enjoying them. Here’s some of them in no specific order:

  • Nudist Beaches
  • Hot Long Baths
  • I absolutely love reading erotic novels
  • 80’s music"

What’s your favorite thing about online content creation?

"The best thing about online creation for me personally is that I can do it from the comfort of my own home! I love being able to get all creative and not have to go out of my way to create it ✨ it’s such a good feeling to be independent and be able to travel as much as I do just through creating content."

Go and check out Olivia Otago's Exclusv.Life Profile.

Exclusv.Life Free Swag/Merch Update

Exclusv Shirts are being sent out to everyone, there might be some shipping delays due to COVID but they are on their way. Don't forget to tag us or send in Pics of you wearing our shirts so you can get featured here and on our social media.

Our Exclusv Swag is being sent out and we are getting pics back, you guys looking great! Keep an eye on our Twitter @exclusvlife and Insta @exclusv.life for them.

What sort of merch do you all want to see? We are currently having that discussion on Discord to see what we can do differently.

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Dear Creators

Are you as snowed under as I am? There’s nothing wrong with taking a little bit of self-care time, and definitely nothing wrong with rubbing one out to get that dopamine flowing.

Platform Updates

Our Recruitment Program is here! Earn 5% of sales from creators you bring to the platform. We have provided a range of Recruiter tools so you can keep track of what is working best for you. Apply to be an Exclusv.Life recruiter here

Other Updates

  • We have increased the video file size limit from 500mb to 3gb - Try it out!
  • Webcamstartup.com featured us in their blog - Read it here
  • We made some updates to our community guidelines regarding roleplay and ageplay - Read it here

As always, if you ever need help or advice, feel free to contact the Exclusv Team via email, social media or on Discord.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Content creation and the great funnel

One of the best strategies I have seen work consistently for creators is to build an increasing funnel of new traffic that is measurable from month to month.

The idea of building a funnel is simple; the more traffic, eyes, people and/or leads you generate at the top of the funnel, the more sales you will make at the bottom of the funnel. For example, if you only use one platform to advertise yourself, the amount of exposure you will receive is severely limited.

It is helpful to break your content into thirds: enticing content, tease content and explicit content. Enticing content (the “top” of the funnel) is what you would post across social media within terms of service. This could be suggestive images, something thought-provoking or interesting and a “call to action” to capture potential fans into your funnel. These fans could be converted to subscribers (best case), become followers on social media with the potential to convert or unfollow. If you have successfully captured your audience’s attention with your enticing content, they will now want to see more exclusive content from you.

Tease content makes up the middle of your funnel and involves free-to-view posts on your Exclusv.Life page. Once viewers scroll through your posts and see a mix of locked and free, tease posts (these could be short clips, censored or nude content, sexually explicit writing or whatever it is you want to show viewers) they are interested and only a few clicks away from putting money in your pocket.

Your best content is your paid content, at the bottom of your funnel and only accessible to subscribers or pay-to-view.

Exclusv.Life Creator Spotlight

This June, We interviewed creator Noirbunni.

What has 2020 looked like for you so far?

"So far 2020 has definitely had its challenges. Like many others' I have had a loss in clients, work, physical & mental health, and even friends since the occurrence of COVID-19. Coming face-to-face with the reality of what actually happens when the chips are down and everyone is in a state of financial panic has been eye-opening and very stressful; you discover who your real friends are and find happiness in the smallest things you looked passed previously."

What are you doing to look after yourself?

"In the past 4 months I have transitioned to dreadlocks, which I can tell you has not been easy, because it is a very different process from what I am used to. But, it feels righteous to have my hair flowing in the wind. Currently, I have returned to my previous health & wellness rituals consisting of fluent yoga practice and my 80/20 food intake. I have seen minor changes within the past 2 weeks which has been absolutely refreshing for my body. Furthermore, reading about my heritage and roots have become more important to learning about my background and who I am as an individual."

We are all hoping for a turnaround in 2021 for sex workers, especially those of color. What does that look like to you?

"I see 2021 being a year of reflection. We have experienced a lot of trauma at the beginning of 2020 which later leads to a reflection period. I truly believe next year will be a time where many ethnic sex workers will start to build a more solid foundation for the future of their race as we come together in solidarity. This is true as it is already happening on social media."

Do you have anything you would like to say to our team?

"Exclusv.Life has taken a professional spin of what it means to be a creatively-sexual individual, which makes us as content creators feel like we have made significant contributions to our community. Keep up the good work!"

And lastly, what is something that will always make you smile?

"Appreciation for my work always puts a warm sparkling smile on my face. It lets me know that I am definitely doing something right that someone else truly loves. Oh, plus a slice of cake! :D"

Go and check out NoirBunnis Exclusv.Life Profile at https://exclusv.life/noirbunni

Exclusv.Life Free Swag/Merch Update

Tops are back in stock and about to make their way to you! Send us your Size and Shipping address if you haven’t done so already.

Our Exclusv Swag is being sent out and we are getting pics back, you guys looking great! Keep an eye on our Twitter @exclusvlife and Insta @exclusv.life for them.

What sort of merch do you all want to see? We are currently having that discussion on Discord to see what we can do differently.

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Dear Creators

Welcome to a whole new part of the year. Let’s keep creating and add some sparkle to our days and nights.

Your amazing posts are trending upwards and we are so close to 1k. More posts mean more reason for users to subscribe, so keep that good stuff coming! I can’t emphasize creativity enough lately, if you wanna cover yourself in googly eyes for a photoset, or get in touch with another creator for a cute little facetime photography session, I will be right there, cheering you on.

Platform Updates

  • We have added some extra stats in your earnings tab. This is to give you a better breakdown and show you how your profile is performing.
  • There is a new paragraph in our Community Guidelines explaining our position on external links and payments.
  • Creators are loving the scheduled post and custom tweet features, have you given it a try yet?
  • Exclusv.Life recognizes the hard work and dedication some creators are putting in to push our platform out into the world. To thank those creators we have awarded them Exclusv Ambassador status Handpicked creators will get an extra 5% on earnings. See who is an ambassador by looking for a crown next to their username.

As always, if you ever need help or advice, feel free to contact the Exclusv Team via email, social media or on Discord.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Becoming the Best Sales-Person you can be

Be Specific. What are you offering? How much does it cost? What does a customer have to do to get it? I find that it can be helpful to keep notes of generic responses to potential customers to copy and paste from, editing in useful info. Say, for example, you get a DM on Instagram from someone asking for nudes. If this is something you sell, you can easily craft a response designed to try and get that sale. Examples include:

"Hey user name! Thanks for your interest. I sell customised photosets at $8 for two full length. You can pay me via a tip on Exclusv.Life (your link) or via Beemit. Can’t wait to get naked for you!"

Or even a simple:

"You can find all of my current content for subscription on Exclusv.Life your link. It's $15 a week and you can unlock everything I have made so far. Thank you for your support!"

Note as well the closing sentence. It can be helpful to assume the sale or provide a call to action (like DM me for details) on your posts. This gives the impression that you are not only confident, but irresistible.

Try to remember that this is a numbers game and a challenge. A new subscriber is one more than you had yesterday, asking someone to tip you or subscribe is an achievement and opportunity for learning, whether it is a success or not. You will find your followers, your own personal niche and we are so happy to have you share this time with us on Exclusv.Life

Exclusv.Life Creator Spotlight

This month, we interviewed Exclusv Creator Jazzabelle

Where’s the first place you are going when things are back to normal?

"Truthfully, my vanilla job. I miss the daily routine of work, coming home, and feeling great from a good day’s work. But I’d also love to go camping, setting up a tent near a stream with no one around except the birds and nature. Smelling the smoke from the burning campfire, and exploring new places to take some naughty pictures and videos."

What does a night in with you look like?

"Curled up on the lounge watching a good thriller movie, with a big bowl of popcorn."

Tell us a secret?

"3 years ago my life was very vanilla, I’d never in my wildest dreams thought I would be putting naked pictures and videos online. Since then my life has completely changed. I enjoy exploring a new side of myself with less limitations and there is more to come."

Boobs or Bums?

"Bum, a hot toned Bum with a sexy g-string is always a great perve."

Go and check out Jazzabelles Exclusv.Life Profile at https://exclusv.life/jazzabelle

Money Moves with Exclusv.Life

How are you getting paid? We offer an international wire transfer service using your bank’s SWIFT code with a $30USD fee. If you’d prefer to get paid for free, we also have Bitsafe. We have heard from creators that Bitsafe payments to their debit cards go through in minutes, which is pretty damn convenient, if you ask me.

Bitsafe is our online, content friendly, bank that enables you to receive payouts fast and free straight to your Bitsafe account and access the funds worldwide with a Bitsafe Mastercard Debit Card

If you dont have one already, get your free Bitsafe account here