Dear Friends;

November has rolled around all too quickly! As we get closer to the end of 2020, we are reflecting on the year - and taking note from our US creators who are celebrating Thanksgiving this month - being thankful for all of the lessons and successes we have had had while bringing Exclusv.Life from a dream into reality.

We are also extremely thankful to have such amazing creators on board with us. Each person brings with them such unique ideas and energy, which is what helps us thrive.

Christmas is also coming! So we have a few hints and tips for making the most of the holiday season.

This Months News

This month in the world of social media we have seen an increase in restriction of adult content through AI filters implementing harsher shadowbans. Those who use other social media sites may have seen pictures or videos that were previously allowed - and may even fully adhere to the terms and conditions of the site - suddenly get removed if they are a little risque.

Although utilizing a variety of social media sites may be a great way to reach a wide audience, we would like to encourage our creators to use Exclusv.Life to its full potential. We are unrestricted when it comes to posting your content. This is why we built the site. We want people who love what they do to post their content without fear of being censored or banned completely. We want sex-workers and adult content creators to be able to show their full content without worrying about censoring their art for social media audiences.

Basically, we aren’t scared of a little nip slip ;)

One of the best ways to make sure your content is seen by your audience is to make sure your supporters know about your Exclusv.Life profile. If you can’t post your full work within the guidelines of a particular social media site - do a subtle sneak peek, and link to your Exclusv.Life page. We are here for you to show your full potential!

If you would like to review community guidelines you can view them here

In other news, our developers continue working hard behind-the-scenes, troubleshooting issues, improving usability, and figuring out which features will help Exclusv.Life creators most in the future. Thank you again for all your feedback - it helps our developers fix bugs, make our website more streamlined, and keep things running smoothly.

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Consistent Content

Expanding on July’s theme of Publishing and Promoting your content, this month our tip is Consistent Content.

Publishing new content on a regular basis is a proven success strategy. When looking at other users on different types of creative platforms, those with the most views and subscribers (and at the end of the day, the most earnings) are always the ones who post regularly.

Having a schedule of guaranteed posting gives subscribers and fans something to anticipate. For example, if you always post a “Friday Fun” picture or video - people who enjoy your creations will come back every week to see what new and exciting post is up. If you post daily - this means people are more likely to come back every day.

To do this, we highly recommend dedicating reliable times that you will always post something. It is worth considering the lifestyles of your fans, to try and get as much engagement as possible. Are they night owls? Are they checking social media on their lunch break? Are they in a different time zone? Take note of the times you are getting the most interaction from your followers and use this as a guide for when to post, to get the most impact and reach.

Once you have a schedule set, make sure people know about it. Promote your schedule to your fans, give them teasers, and create excitement about what they can expect. This keeps your dedicated fans coming back again and again, as well as showing new followers that by subscribing they will get ongoing access to the content they enjoy.

However, we know content production takes a lot of time and energy. Many creative people also create in “blocks”, meaning you can create a lot of content within a short period of time. This is why Exclusv.Life made sure scheduling posts across multiple platforms was a possibility. Even if you are not creating content every day, you can make sure you are posting every day and giving your subscribers something to look forward to.

This month, We interviewed creator Enchantress!

Hi, my name is Aggie but people know me as Enchantress or Amethyst. I am just an ordinary girl from Central Queensland, Australia, but I am originally from Malaysia. I am a student nurse, a gamer as well as a grey witch. I love to do tarot and oracle readings, as well as some other witchy stuff. Curiosity is my best friend when it comes to everything in life.

What are your plans for the future?

My biggest dream right now is being able to finish my degree and start working as a nurse. Once I have some experience, possibly do more study to go deeper into that field. I also have lots of other dreams: I want to travel around the world, own a house, have a family and help others financially and medically. I am currently juggling life between work and my studies. It is time consuming but I’m getting there slowly.

What is the most out-there/exciting thing you have done to-date?

I am very spontaneous. I made my decision to start up content creation at 3am one morning. I just thought to myself “it’s not gonna harm anyone, it might be crazy, but even if it doesn’t work out I will learn something”. I'm a very awkward person in real life, I am full of anxiety... but once I get comfortable I turn into the crazy one, coming up with wild ideas.

One of the most exciting things that has happened recently in my life is getting my dream car.

Describe your worst date and why?

I can’t recall a “worst” date, but I have had some funny experiences. One was meeting my now ex-boyfriend for the first time. Let’s call him Jeff. I was at McDonalds with my best friend, and I sent him a text asking to meet us there. Jeff showed up, still in his dirty work uniform. It was very awkward and oh my, I was trying so hard not to laugh. My best friend broke the awkwardness by asking him questions and he was just answering while just staring at me with a huge smile. We were chatting and making jokes, started to get to know each other. But when we were parting ways he accidentally stepped on my toes with his steel cap boots... Oh my they hurt! I rang him that night and I was like “thanks for stepping on my poor little toes”... Hahah. Not the smoothest first date.

What’s your favourite thing about online content creation and Exclusv.Life?

Creating content online for people - to contribute, collaborate and create things for people to enjoy has always tickled my brain. I was curious and was looking into ways to be a creator. I jumped into OnlyFans first, before finding Exclusv.Life and felt that it suited me so much better. I would recommend Exclusv.Life to any creator, because it is secure and the ability to choose how you do Public, Subscribers-Only and Pay-to-view postings are a great idea. It also gives buyers/subscribers the chance to see previews, so they know what you offer before jumping into buying something that won’t be worth their money.

Never let anyone tell you what to do. This is your book, write it your way and direct the screenplay however you want - and never give up on your dreams just because one thing went wrong.

Go and check out Enchantress Exclusv.Life Profile.

Exclusv.Life Free Swag/Merch Update

Exclusv.Life shirts and stickers are on their way to you, creators! There may be some shipping delays due to COVID-19 but they are heading your way. We have heard rumors that they are beginning to arrive in the US and Europe... so keep your eyes peeled.

Don't forget to tag us or send in pics of you wearing your Exclusv.Life shirts or where you have stuck your stickers so you can get featured in our newsletters and promoted on our social media.

Our Exclusv Swag is being sent out and we are getting pics back, you guys looking great! Keep an eye on our Twitter @exclusvlife and Insta @exclusv.life for them.

Have ideas for new merch? Let us know what you want to see next. What sort of merch do you all want to see? We are currently having that discussion on Discord to see what we can do differently.

To sign up for our next round of merch, visit our Swag Size and Address Survey.

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Dear Creators and Friends;

Another month has passed and Exclusv.Life continues to grow. This month our main focus has been listening to you, our creators, and making improvements to our platform - making it easier to use and giving you more freedom and control over your public profiles.

All of our work is focussed on putting creators first. The more we can help our creators achieve success, the closer we are to making real changes in the industry. We truly value your feedback, so keep sending your suggestions our way!

Platform Updates

Our Developers have been working hard on continuous improvements and new features. This is what has been completed this month: Some creators have had difficulties with finding exactly how and where to upload posts. To make this easier, we have added an easy-to-find “Create Post” button to the top of your Creator Dashboard Menu.

  • As Exclusv.Life grows, it has started to become a social media platform of its own. Due to the fact we have more and more people joining every day, we have decided to implement the ability for creators to block other users from viewing and interacting with their content. This feature is designed to give you the freedom to moderate - you can simply block anyone you don’t wish to have seeing or commenting on your posts.

  • We have also increased the file upload limit from 20 to 30, so you no longer have to cut down the photosets you really want to share! We love to see creators share their best work, but we also understand that a higher upload limit lets you showcase your versatility. We hope both creators and subscribers will appreciate this change.

  • Finally, we are working on improving both desktop and mobile user interfaces. You will see some updates happening - all of these are to make Exclusv.Life as user-friendly as possible, for both creators and subscribers. We take pride in making our platform as accessible as possible - so we hope these updates make creating and managing your content even easier.

Become a Recruiter

Know of any other creators that would be interested in Exclusv.Life? Earn 5% of sales from anyone you bring to the platform. We have provided a range of Recruiter tools so you can keep track of what is working best for you. Apply to be an Exclusv.Life recruiter here.

As always, if you ever need help or advice, feel free to contact the Exclusv Team via email, social media or on Discord.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Money Moves with Exclusv.Life

How are you getting paid? We offer an international wire transfer service using your bank’s SWIFT code with a $30USD fee. If you’d prefer to get paid for free, we also have Bitsafe. We have heard from creators that Bitsafe payments to their debit cards go through in minutes, which is pretty damn convenient if you ask me.

Bitsafe is our online, content friendly, bank that enables you to receive payouts fast and free straight to your Bitsafe account and access the funds worldwide with a Bitsafe Mastercard Debit Card

If you don't have one already, get your free Bitsafe account here

The 2:2:1 Ratio

With the addition of our Timeline/Follow feature, it is now very easy for creators to keep track of how many people are actually interested in viewing their content. Post Comments and Likes have essentially turned Exclusv.Life into a social media platform of its own. Creators can now interact with their fans and members, get feedback, engage in conversations, and ultimately, keep the members coming back.

Members can now easily follow their favorite creators and see their preview and unlocked content in one place. It is important to post regularly to keep your profile looking active and exciting. We recommend using the post schedule tool to be able to upload multiple posts in one sitting to maximize your time elsewhere. The post schedule tool in conjunction with the Custom Twitter announcement tool allows your fans to be notified when a new post is published on your profile.

Instead of having to manage separate Free Profiles along with a Subscriber and Pay-to-View Profiles, Exclusv.Life allows you to run it all in the one profile, consolidating your followers and fans enabling them to convert to members easier.

We have watched very closely and we have come up with a pretty balanced structure for maximizing Interactions, Subscribers, Sales, and Tips.

2 Public Posts - 2 Subscriber Posts - 1 Pay-to-Unlock Post This ratio helps keep your profile looking active, interesting, and enticing to the viewer.

Public Posts - These can be the same as what you would put on Instagram or Twitter. General Social media posts, censored Subscriber, or Pay-to-View posts. This is to provide free/public content to keep those curious viewers interested and coming back.

Subscriber-Only Posts - Ideally, this is what your main product is, content you can’t put on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc. Content that users come to see. Members sign up, pay a weekly or monthly fee to maintain access, resulting in recurring income and larger more regular payouts. You can use Subscriber Only posts as uncensored samples for your Pay-to-View posts to help entice more members to make the jump.

Pay-to-View Post - This can be something that you value a little higher than a Subscriber-Only post. Maybe it's the few extra cheeky pics or some Behind the Scenes from a photoshoot, a video that you worked extra hard on, whatever the post is, it's a great way to get a little bit more out of existing subscribers or even Non-Subscribers who want to “see a sample” of what you offer.

Optionally, in between all these posts you can try other types of posts for example; “if this post gets X likes, I will post the uncensored version”, or “if this post gets X tips, I will post the full video for all my subscribers” This is a popular way to research what your current members and potential subscribers want to see on your Exclusv profile.

What is most important is that you keep trying different methods to see what works best for you and your style of content. Don't be afraid to ask Exclusv.Life Team members or other Exclusv.Life creators for some help and get their input, sometimes even the smallest idea or tip can help turn everything around.

Exclusv.Life Free Swag/Merch Update

Exclusv Shirts are being sent out to everyone, there might be some shipping delays due to COVID but they are on their way. Don't forget to tag us or send in Pics of you wearing our shirts so you can get featured here and on our social media.

Our Exclusv Swag is being sent out and we are getting pics back, you guys looking great! Keep an eye on our Twitter @exclusvlife and Insta @exclusv.life for them.

What sort of merch do you all want to see? We are currently having that discussion on Discord to see what we can do differently.

To sign up for our next round of merch, visit our Swag Size and Address Survey.

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Exclusv.Life Creator Spotlight

This August, We interviewed creator Kiki Sucre!

Kiki Sucrè has been involved in the adult industry for seven years in various roles; ranging from stripping to escorting. She is currently a full-time independent worker and cat mum of 4. In recent years she has pursued her passion in the fight for decriminalization and will continue to be outspoken on sex worker rights for the foreseeable future.

What’s your go-to guilty pleasure?

"I have a deep appreciation for D-grade horror, dad jokes, and terrible/great puns."

How do you relax?

"Masturbation, or a good glass of Pinot Gris. Also listening to true crime podcasts but that’s not as interesting."

Describe your worst date and why?

"It’s a tie between the virgin that took me to a steak restaurant (I’m vegetarian) and the dude that sang to my vagina..."

What’s your favorite thing about online content creation and Exclusv.Life?

"Ability to work my own hours, schedule posts, and “set and forget”."

Go and check out Kiki Sucre's Exclusv.Life Profile.

Dear Creators and Friends;

This Newsletter is a little bit of an exciting one.

August 2020 marks 6 months since Exclusv.Life launched and took its first payment. It has been a busy 6 months with so many of you joining us and helping Exclusv.Life start to make a change in the industry. We still stand by our original mission statement.

“To put our creators first and change the way they get paid”

Our main focus has always been the payout and payment systems. We are fighting for better creator's rights and equality within the financial part of the industry. Too many creators get taken advantage of by having to reach unrealistic sales goals or having to pay big fees just to access their hard-earned money. This is why we offer Free, No Minimum, On-Demand Payout Options for all Exclusv.Life Creators.

Exclusv.Life is starting to gain traction and recognition on a much larger scale now and things are starting to ramp up.

Here is a quick glance at some of our stats:

  • 100+ Creators
  • 1500+ Posts
  • 1000+ Users
  • 800+ Sales

So here is to you Exclusv.Life Creators, let's see where the next 6 months take us.

Platform Updates

Our Developers have been working hard on new features, this is what they have done this month: Added stats for Public Profile Views - See how many views your profile is getting. We are currently collecting data and plan to give you a traffic breakdown so you can see where most of your views are coming from - Check your Public Profile Views here

  • Added view counter for Posts - How many times that post has been seen by visitors (locked or unlocked). This is good to see how far back users are scrolling through your profile - You can see your post views on the Posts page in your creator dashboard.

  • Post Comments and Likes - You, Users and other Creators can now comment on posts. This is helpful to engage with your fanbase and get an insight to what they want to see. Only members who can view that post can comment, but all comments are public. Comments can also be liked - Find a creator and comment on their posts here.

  • Added Following/Unfollowing and Timeline Feed - Exclusv.Life Users can now follow their favourite creators and see their recent posts in a timeline style feed. Like, Comment and Subscribe from the Timeline page.

  • Onsite Notifications - Keep track of all this new interaction with Onsite Notifications - See who has interacted with you by clicking the Bell Icon while in your Creator Dashboard.

  • Targeted Landing Pages - We have added some extra landing pages. These are designed to target specific creators and encourage them to create an account. We have added these Landing pages to the Recruiter Tools section. You can view the new Landing Pages here:

  • NSFW Landing Page

  • Travel Landing Page

We have also been busy working on the admin backend side of things to keep the platform running smoother:

  • Quicker payout processing procedure - As most of you know, we strive to get your payouts to you as fast as possible, so we have streamlined the process allowing us to review, process, and send your funds in record time. Some creators have commented that their payouts have arrived in a few minutes of requesting.

  • We are collecting data for a Ranking/Scoring system. Things that will affect rankings will be Post Counts, Views, Likes, Comments, Unlocks etc. Get your fans to start interacting!

Become a Recruiter Know of any other creators that would be interested in Exclusv.Life? Earn 5% of sales from anyone you bring to the platform. We have provided a range of Recruiter tools so you can keep track of what is working best for you. Apply to be an Exclusv.Life recruiter.

As always, if you ever need help or advice, feel free to contact the Exclusv Team via email, social media or on Discord.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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