January 2021 Exclusv Tips & Tricks

Exclusv.Life is all about giving creators the freedom to make money from their talents in an easy, streamlined way. However, to make the most of the platform, it is important to understand how pricing structures work and ways to use them.

When choosing a subscription option, there are usually two approaches for people who are starting out in the industry: lower prices to attract a higher amount of subscribers or offering higher-priced, more specialized content to a smaller niche of viewers. Obviously, higher prices and high subscriber numbers are the sweet-spot - but building an established fan base takes time, so if you’re just starting out, it’s important to consider the pros and cons.

One main reason for opting for the lower-price option would be to allow subscribers to get to know you. Sometimes people may be hesitant to subscribe when they don’t know exactly what to expect - but at a lower price point, subscribers are more likely willing to pay a small amount to explore what you have to offer.

Often, if people are choosing the higher-price option, they are offering unique content to a specific niche of people. This may be people who already have an established fan-base elsewhere on social media or those who are creating fetish content (yes, Exclusv.Life is kink friendly! As long as adhering to our Community Guidelines).

Keep in mind that choosing your pricing options is user-friendly, and able to be reviewed and changed easily any time you need!

One last very important note - we have added two new functions to make attracting more fans to subscribe even easier. We now have the functionality to offer promo codes and special trial prices! These are designed for you to do promotions whenever suits you. We highly recommend creating a promo code and adding it to free content that you share - because everybody loves a sale ;)

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@StaceyBella StaceyBella is the Project and Media Manager at Exclusv.Life

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Friends, Creators, Superstars

Let’s take a moment to think about where we are right now. We are strong, we are creative and we are breathing. We got this. Autumn here with an update and some stats about how our Platform Launch is going so far.

First of all, I just want to thank you all for being one of the 50+ creators we now have on the site! Together, in just two months, we have created:

  • Over 800 Posts, of which 330 are free to view, 400 available to subscribers, and 70 are pay to view.
  • 10,000 unique site visitors a month
  • Almost 500 members


  • We have made a few small changes to the public profile. It is now a little streamlined to get visitors to the content faster.
  • A Discord server has been created for you to chat, share, learn from, and help other Exclusv Creators and the Exclusv Team Here.

As always, if you ever need help or advice, feel free to contact the Exclusv Team via email, social media, or on Discord.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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