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Say “hello” to Kiki; the Princess of Pink.
In my personal posts can expect a multitude of cheeky jokes and sassy comebacks. Forget the world and lose yourself to the devilish doll with a heart of gold.

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If there's one thing my cat knows how to do, it's lounging in style... 🐾🌟😎 #catlife #relaxationgoals
I don't need a therapist... I have a dog who loves me unconditionally and gives the best cuddles 🙌🐕❤️ #pettherapy #dogsofinstagram
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When the world turns white, I can't resist the urge to play in the snow... ❄️⛄🤩 #snowday #childatheart

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The perfect pick-me-up when you need a little boost... Espresso Martinis, my new addiction! 😍🍸☕ #coffeeandcocktails #heavenlycombo
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Pajamas, Netflix, and snacks... the perfect ingredients for a perfect night in 🍿📺 #lazyvibes #cozylife
The struggle is real when you just can't stop watching Game of Thrones... 😅🎬 #GOTmarathon #addictedtostreaming
There's nothing better than a good snooze session to recharge your batteries ⏰💤 #power nap #rejuvenation