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Welcome lovers, you clearly have excellent taste!

Say “hello” to Kiki; the Princess of Pink.
In my personal posts can expect a multitude of cheeky jokes and sassy comebacks. Forget the world and lose yourself to the devilish doll with a heart of gold.

What are you waiting for? See all of me now!
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Sorry guys you missed your chance but here is a #nipslip

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Exclusv.Life has been nominated for Best Adult Website in the Australian Adult Industry Awards.

Vote for Exclusv.Life now!

Voting is officially open: Vote Now

How do I vote?

  • Head over to the AAIA voting site
  • Log in with your Email or Facebook account
  • Find the 'Best adult website' category and click 'Vote'
  • Enter 'exclusv' in the search box
  • Click 'vote' on Exclusv.Life
  • Click 'Confirm Votes' at the top of the page

Let me know when you have voted 💋

I keep getting asked the same question. My Boobs are 10E!
Trying to go Vegetarian, does anyone have any tips?
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